InvisibleHand API Beta

Tens of millions of products at your fingertips.

Live prices, in real-time

The InvisibleHand API provides real-time prices for millions of products at hundreds of retailers, letting you see the current price of any product right now - not what it was yesterday or ten minutes ago.

For US retailers, our API can circumvent MAP, in order to see 'hidden' prices.

Intelligent product matching

Using breakthrough patent-pending technology the InvisibleHand API matches products together allowing you to instantly find out who else sells a product, and retrieve all the product identifiers, such as UPCs, EANs, MPNs and ISBNs.

Our product-matching algorithms are class-leading.

Easy to use

Our API is RESTful in nature, with all responses sent in the JSON format, making it quick and easy to use in your own applications.


The IH API has been powering the InvisibleHand browser extensions, shopping site and the InvisibleHand iPhone app since summer 2012.

What other services does the InvisibleHand API provide?

Class-leading product matching

Match products using the full range of product identifiers, using our unique product-matching algorithms, offering best-in-class product coverage and matching accuracy.

URL normalisation

The InvisibleHand API responds to session-data-encrusted URLs with nice clean product deeplinks.

Link synonomy

Submit a product URL, and our API returns clean product URLs for the same SKU - at competing retailers.

Text string search

Our rich query language allows you to search for matched product data using keywords, phrases, wildcards, boolean operators, grouping, boosting and ordering.

Product identifier lookup

Access multiple UPCs, EANs, MPNs, ISBNs - even when they apply to a single SKU.

Reverse lookup

We will return product identifiers in reponse to any query type, for example, submission of a product URL, or a UPC.

What can I do with the InvisibleHand API?

Anyone who needs access to price, product, retail or SKU data will find our API useful, especially if you're involved in e-commerce, online retail, or retail affiliates. Here are a few use cases:

  • Product search for smartphone applications
  • Outbound link yield optimisation
  • Backend for a gift list affiliate site
  • Product identification for product URLs
  • Real-time price availability for e-commerce web apps
  • Shopping browser extension backend
  • Product feed cleaning and optimisation
  • Real-time prices on in-store ePaper labels
  • ...and more!

    The multi-award winning InvisibleHand browser extensions have been downloaded nearly 6 million times, are officially recommended by Google & Mozilla, and have found over $1 billion of savings. The iPhone app includes IH's signature yellow notifications, alongside barcode scanning and price-drop alerts.

    The InvisibleHand team is rapidly iterating the API. Please send us your feedback: